Who we are:


I am Pauline. 

After graduating in clothing technology, I began my studies in product design with a focus on furniture and textile design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. After a few years I switched to visual communication (photography) and got my first assignments as a photographer. I love to design sceneries, stage sets, arrangements. I like to be a bit crazy and also like to be calm, intuitive, observing and kindly giving space to inspirations. Fashion and product photography is my great passion, but I also feel very comfortable in the documentary field. In the place where we live, I am bubbling over with ideas and would like to realise so much. The nature around us, the sea, but also abandoned houses and campsites inspire me. I'm currently working a lot on alternative living and I'm really living it with all my heart. I'm always fascinated by the simple means you can use to make your life more minimalistic and, above all, more sustainable. Being creative with all kinds of clothes has been a big topic for me since I was a little child and I am always happy to discover companies that implement exciting concepts and work solution-oriented for a better world. I would be very happy to welcome and support you with my talents and skills !

My skills: developing creative concepts for our pictures, set designs and picture compositions, staging, colour concepts, styling, model scout (also animals) and the subsequent colour editing in film and photo


I am Karl. 

I am Karl, a mediadesigner audio and video. I have been working freelance in the film industry for 16 years and have a lot of experience in image film, documentary film and television productions. In addition, I studied visual communication (film and moving image) and now live very close to nature with my family and many dear people. Before that, we travelled as a family in a camper for a year. The experiences and adventures on the way to an environmentally conscious life, for us and our children, have shown me that I should use my talent for film and sound in this field, because that seems most meaningful for me and gives a lot of joy. As i am still hopefull, I want to contribute to do something good, to appreciate and protect our nature, to accompany my children on their way and to support projects that can help our planet to regenerate . That's why my wife Pauline and me are trying to share our talents and support companies that are truely supporting or living alternative lives and who are developping interesting and exciting visions for our future and/or producing sustainably.

My skills are Filming and setting of ideas, a good eye for special situations, film editing and elaboration of film concepts and interviews.